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  • Pottermore • Re: How do you feel about your house ?

    Hermione Leviosa wrote:
    That is a lot more from the question than I expected. :) I think that the reasoning you have for your question shows a great deal of intelligence.

    Thank you. This would confirm my Ravenclaw sorting as well ;)

    Hermione Leviosa wrote:
    I would like to know more about how you see Crabbe, Goyle, Pettigrew, and Neville were sorted into their houses?

    Well I need to ramble around in order to make my points here. I hope it is not too inconvenient.
    As I said there are different measurements applied when sorting takes places:
    1. the personality traits a person has (regardless if obvious or hidden)
    2. the traits a person values
    3. the values a child needs for his or her development
    4. family line
    5. the childs wish

    Those points can intermingle, and are, as I see it , not always considered with every person in the same way nor are they weighted equally with every person. This makes the sorting problem highly individual.
    Now the characters:
    Neville is the easiest here and in his case all the points are applied. According to Pottermore Neville was an almost hat stall between Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. And yes, he has Hufflepuff traits such as kindness, loyality and openmindness. He also does value Hufflepuff values, visible in his request for Hufflepuff and on a more symbolical level in his marriage of Hannah Abbott and his talent in Herbology, which is tradionally accociated with Hufflepuff. Yet, he also has Gryffindor traits, alas hidden, only manifesting themselves in critical situations, such as DA classes visits, and killing Nagini. Addionally his Gryffindor traits are actually more prominent than his Hufflepuff traits, since the sword of Gryffindor itself manifests itself to him and again on a more metaphorical level, he is a possible chosen one, even if Voldemort goes for Harry at the end. Moreover his whole family was in Gryffindor. However, what is more important in Nevilles case, especially since as I said not all points are weightened equally, is that Neville needs to develop his Gryffindor traits, in order to develop his pesonality further. He needs to learn to stand his grounds against his dominant grandmother, his peers, the teachers. This need of development overweights his wish towards Hufflepuff and basically any argument for Hufflepuff there was. So the quality of his Gryffindor traits and his needs basically make him a Gryffindor.
    Now Grabble and Goyle:
    They do not exhibit any trait of any house, except for loyality( towards Malfoy) and their pureblood status. The former would make them Hufflepuffs the later does not have any value in any house, except for Slytherin and that only secondary, since Slytherin has also half-blood wizards and witches and on rare occassions,as stated on Harry Potter Wiki with reference to Fernrir Greyback. So, on first glance they could be Hufflepuffs , but with them the other points I mentioned come into view. Their families were all in Slytherin and as far as I can judge them, they value Slytherin values and being a pure-blood, like Salazar Slytherin did, and also wish for being in Slytherin. So here we have a quantitative overweight of pro Slytherin against pro Hufflepuff points. Moreover, even if Hufflepuff is very inclusive, it is not a "dumphouse", contrary to popular beliefs of some students and some fans. Grabble and Goyle are loyal, but not to everyone, the loyality is not a prominent trait in them, only their pure-blood status and their value thereof is. Again, in terms of the quality of personality traits, they are more Slytherins then anything else. Although that is basically due to their blood status and would maybe be different if they have been sorted after the war against Voldemort. (And additionally, but that is my theory/specualation (I judge by Snape, Bellatrix Lestrange, Narcissa Malyfoy and even Voldemort), I would say that devotion and loyality are actually slytherin traits as well as they are Hufflepuff traits, if not more but it is not explicitly stated, is worth an other tag, and thus is not taken into consideration in here)
    Now Pettigrew, as you say, the most complicated case:
    He is a hatstall between Slytherin and Gryffindor according to Pottermore. Plus, his Slytherin traits are more dominant than his Gryffindor traits. He is sly, cunning, ambitios in so far as he wants to be brave, self-centered and selfish. Moreover, he appears to be a coward most of the time. He is not always a coward though, thus he loses his own arm for Voldemort, something that a Slytherin, who, according to Phineas Nigellus, puts him or herself first especially in terms of bodily integrity , probably would not do. Additionally, he shows mercy towards Harry. When he is about to smoother him, he cannot. Mercy and nobility are secondary Gryffindor traits as well. (And if my theory is correct he lacks Slytherins devotion, which is visible by betraying Lily and James ;)). Nevertheless, judging by the personality alone, he would be a Slytherin. But there are three points which make the sorting hat going for Gryffindor: 1. Pettigrew values bravery and Gryffindor values a lot, he strongly longs to become a Gryffindor personality, probably stronger than any other character known 2. and therefore he also strongly wishes to go to Gryffindor and similar to Neville 3.he needs to overcome cowardice in order to gain development in personality. (He did not manage that though, but I do not think that is important in terms of sorting). What I think in terms of Pettigrew is that those points are more important than the actual personality, because his wishes and needs are very strong, stronger than the dominance of Slytherin traits against Gryffindor traits.

    I do not know if he is a Judas though, because there might be different motivations and personalities here. We do not know much about Judas motives in biblical canon, except for a hint that it is destiny. And if you consider non-canon, like the Judas Evangelium, Jesus asks Judas for the betrayal in order to fulfill the destiny which would make Judas rather like Snape than Pettigrew.

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